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New SuperSport Truck Top:

Avenger Top's highly regarded design team has come up with a Sleek New Sport Truck Top/ Hard Top/Canopy for the LifeStyle Pick-ups that gives it the look of a SUV.

The New Super Sport model features gently curving lines that compliment the OEM body style, a Reinforced Composite Tailgate Frame and tinted, frameless side windows with convenient pop-out system.

It also precisely matches the unique contour of the Vehilcle's tailgate, further enhancing a factory look. The Truck Top comes with a finished edge that serves to blend it into the truck bed, while each Super Sport Truck Top is painted to match OEM colors using the DuPont basecoat/clearcoat paint method and an automated drying system.

This process enables Avenger Top to back each Truck Top with a One Year Paint Warranty.

Construction features include a high-strength one-piece design, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and the use of premium grade materials. The Truck Top is securely held in place by Avenger Top's innovative Hidden J-hook method, and has a built-in drain channel.

This, combined with the automotive locking mechanism, keeps cargo dry and secure. The Super Sport Truck Top also comes with integrated LED third brake light.

Like all other Avenger Top products, the Super Sport Truck Top comes with a One Year Structural Warranty...the best in the business!



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